Sunday, February 21, 2016

record feature: land of the living

Matthew Perryman Jones has been my singular favorite musical artist since I first started listening to him...geeze, way back in high school. we're talking seven, eight years now? and if you know me, you know my music taste ranges far and wide like a wayward - nah, that analogy might just get weird.

 so this album is on my turntable very often.  you might say it's in my main...rotation.

thank you, thank you. here all week.

no applause, just throw money.

(I don't even know where that's from? it's just been said in my family for as long as I can remember. dad, if you're reading, comment below, heh.)

the album is one of those that fits all together so well, where you don't want to skip any songs and you sing the harmonies 100% of the time.  if you want to give it a digital listen, I've embedded a playlist below, but please check out all of his other stuff too.  if only because you will learn a lot about me by knowing how much his work means to me.

this is getting weird, yeah. I might as well have run with that analogy at the beginning?  well, maybe not.