Sunday, February 14, 2016

paper butterflies; dance lessons

here is a thought I have had multiple times this week: if my eeyore footie pajamas had pockets, my life would be complete.

I'm just coming out of a pretty bad low spell and without getting into the controversial topic of mental illness let me tell you some things that are universally good for you.

care packages, that's what. lady is the best care package packer I've ever heard of. she sent me all of these origami butterflies which are now swarming on my wall, excellently.

if you don't have a care package packer, I also recommend paint by numbers (thanks ma!). that's some good stuff right there. very soothing.

dance lessons. the university has some kind of ballroom dance club or something and long story short the teacher also gives group lessons at the neighborhood house on wednesday nights. I've been going for the past three weeks learning the waltz. to be honest, the last thing I want to do after 10 hours on campus is go back out, but it's always the best decision. $6 a pop to learn a new skill and charm little old men from russia and ireland? good value.

starbucks. life is too short to turn up your nose at a starbucks with great staff, great vibes, great regulars, a fireplace maybe? pretty much my favorite place to be productive. heaven knows if I stay home and try to work at the kitchen table, 9/10 days I just wind up wandering the house aimlessly.

speaking of the house, it's haunted as heck, I'll tell ya. noises and footsteps, doors mysteriously opening and closing, banging sounds, all sorts of stuff. as soon as I stopped thinking about it as a burglar and started thinking about it as ghosts, my life got a lot better. side note: probably mostly the colossal raccoon seen skulking about.

but it's not all fun and games, boys and girls. here is a thing I despise: partial differential equations. guess what all my classes are in this semester?

yep. PDEs. you got it.

also: the guy who manages all of the computers in my department is super involved in the ballroom dance lessons and now I run into him in my building like four times a day. two wednesdays ago, I was chewing gum at class.

him: did you bring enough gum for the class?
me: no.
him: well did you bring enough gum for me?
me: no.

so last wednesday, I brought him a whole pack. it made his life, you would have thought from the hug I got, haha... but then we both got in trouble the entire night! "Victor!" the teacher snapped. "STOP CHEWING! it ruins your rhythm!"

him: she gave it to me!
me: he asked me for it!

the moral of the story is give people gum anyway, because the next day they'll find you in the lobby and give you a keychain and voila: friends.