Sunday, February 7, 2016

oh hey

welcome back! (me...)

I'm not sure what's going to happen in this corner of the internet, but I felt the urge today to...clean up around here, a little bit. maybe dress it up (down?) a little, bring it closer to home, more in line with how I feel these days.

so I'm thinking there might be some new content up here soon.  a lot has changed, a lot can be updated, and I think that stuff will be nicely addressed in coming posts.  to sum up, however: I've moved across the country again, this time to long island, for grad school, which is up in the air at the moment. I live in a very old tiny little house five minutes from the beach (and from an overlook, which is featured above in a panoramic photo - thanks phone technology!). growing my hair out (again).  still super into flowers, still into writing, still into math (well, it's complicated right now...), still into music, and still into cooking healthy stuff.

my current plan is to put together some posts, probably some throwbacks to some old photography I recently sorted through, some playlists I put together over the last several (many) months, books I've been reading, the stock-up recipes I make and the lunches I pack for work, some plant stuff (I'm addicted to houseplants now) and maybe some home stuff.  so stay tuned, and we'll ease into it. :)