Sunday, February 28, 2016

into nyc for the evening

so on friday (I'm writing this on saturday, but I was planning on posting the good stuff today, so hello and welcome to sunday my friends...when this post is going up, haha) I ran straight from class to the train station and headed into the city.  a friend was making a grad school visit to nyu, and pro tip: never turn down a free trip to a university in a cool locale.

I don't know why, but I have the hardest time getting into the city... since I've lived here, I've been to manhattan with my parents, brooklyn to hang with a friend (hi dom! dom has a blog too!), and through the city a few times to drive to other places. mostly, it's that grad school really takes it out of you. you get to the weekend and you're like "but...I'm sad...and I have homework..." and then you stay in and mope around and take a quick walk down to the water to console yourself.

well, and taking the train does cost some money, and grad school also takes that out of you, haha.

(that water bottle belonged to a youngish guy in a suit who got on the train with me but got off a few stops later, and he had really big eyes, and I'm really good at eavesdropping because at the next stop, a guy who works in construction sat down right there where the water bottle was, and they talked about reading and psychological thrillers and I was just so...pleased? as I was sitting over there reading myself, and the young guy apparently had just graduated from some grad program [not mine, haha, he was too sharply dressed and socially articulate to be out of math or physics - jokes!] and anyways, I thought dang, that sounds like a great conversation, but I'm so...far...away, so I didn't say anything, and then they got off the train and as you can see, I'm still thinking about it, haha.)

anyways, I made myself go, and it was super worth it.  I know some people who aren't keen on nyc, and different strokes, of course, but...not me.  I don't even have to be doing anything; I just want to powerwalk around peoplewatching and staring up at the buildings like an idiot.

I just can't get over the fact that nyc is so huge, and so old, and so talked-about. I hear songs on the radio or read books and people are just always mentioning it! and then I realize I live here.  well, close enough to here.

I get a feeling about new york that I think is the old way that people felt coming over to the states for the first time. living here, living in the midwest or the bible belt, you get a definite sense of a certain kind of america. and it's nice, I won't lie.  I can appreciate kansas and kentucky, for sure.  but new york just has this sense of promise for me, this kind of vibe that says "this. is. america." like you can do anything.

and of course I know I won't (do anything), haha, but it's invigorating just to realize that I'm so close to so much history and so many creative scenes and so many things that people around the world just...mention so often.  I think it'll take years of living in the area, if then, to lose that magical feeling.

so anyways, throughout this post are some pictures and I'll just tell you where I went.  I made my transfer and I got into penn station, and I was about an hour early to meet up with my friend, and I thought maybe we'd meet up at le cafe coffee so I started heading in that direction and realized that the flatiron building was on the way ish. so I made a detour and got to see that (it's so skinny it's hilarious oh my gosh). the sun was going down and just the top halves of the buildings were lit up. oh, and I also went to the lego store (they had star wars legos and a friendly employee [oh hey he's actually right there on the left in that picture] and magical childhood nostalgia).  from there, I went to the coffeeshop but decided it wasn't quite the right vibe, and also it was still light out so I was willing to walk closer to nyu. by way of union square park, I went to washington square park in hopes of making friends with a dog, but all of the dogs were busy and then the sun went down.

now, I have learned that walking 30 minutes to campus in the cold is like, boring and ugh, but walking an hour in the cold through the magical nyc streets is like, whatever! but when the sun went down it turned real cold real quick. at that point I met up with my friend and we ended up going down fifth avenue to a bar called the reservoir which did very nicely, in my opinion. though there was lacrosse on tv for a bit there and look, if that's not the funniest sport, I don't know what is.

at any rate, it was a very nice evening. I'm going to be in the city a lot in the next month, as there's something I want to see next weekend, I think, and then to see a friend the next week, I think, and then my brother will visit and I want to take him to all of the places seriously, and then there's also a plan to visit the met and hamilton's house with another friend.

moral of the story: brace yourselves, there will probably be a lot of pictures of nyc in this portion of the internet.