Monday, February 8, 2016

snow day

got up at 0630 to find we have a delayed start today. provisionally, all classes before 1pm have been canceled, blah blah, the email actually says "and in an abundance of caution," which is code for "even though this is new york, we're a commuter school."

I'm committing the mortal sin of a student and resenting it because a) I've been trying to get my (new!) car into the shop to get the belt tightened but b) every time I make an appointment, it snows and c) I can barely drive stick under nonhazardous conditions yet.

jokes, I'm back in bed. can't really resent it that much to be honest.

been running this record on repeat lately (caution: rated PG-13 for language - actually what gets you rated R for language? no idea, just you know, he says bad words) and - oh there it is, now it's started snowing.

anyway, I'm going to make a cup of coffee and probably stretch out with Adrienne while I wait to shovel snow and not go to school.  to set the record straight: I love snow.  no, I mean really really love snow.  no matter the damage to my back when we got something like twenty inches, no matter the annoyance or the housebound cabin fever.  these pictures are from the first blizzard we had, just before the semester officially started. I've seen more snow here in a month than I would see in two winters back in kansas, so... there are worse things.

now, there are better things, too, but shhh coffee is a discussion for another day...