Friday, February 12, 2016

good stuff #4

1. this instant coffee, which is not malaysian, but does very well in a pinch (aka on campus when everything is terrible and help) and god bless the asian market near my house for having it.

2. snow days that happen to fall on mornings when I have 0830 classes (because even though we're now super behind, I haven't had to drive to campus in the morning rush).

3. this new boston fern that stole my heart in trader joe's and lives in my bathroom now looking very bushy and green (can I get my landlord to let me put hooks in the ceilings? we shall see).

4. this favorite record on the cruiser (yes I know there's all sorts of fuss over a cheap turntable and heavy whatever look man, life is too short and all my records are thrifted anyway) because it is certifiably the best piano concerto of all time.

more good stuff:
 - I got into mindfulness last spring, but I'm out of the habit. this is a good article to motivate getting back into practice.
 - I've already gotten two friends into this game. I know, I know, but it's very soothing.
 - shorelle is one of my favorite tumblr artists to scroll through.
 - and also the fact that I passed my qual(!!!!) so hey there's that.