Saturday, January 3, 2015

quick bagels

Hi guys!  Just thought I'd pop in here briefly to share this recipe and my modifications to it.

I actually didn't have any blueberries, and I wanted plainer bagels anyway, so I left those out.  So what I did was:

  • made a half-batch to test it out, and since I'm the only person in the house who's into bagels, four turned out perfect to last me a few days without going bad.
  • added a splash of water since the dough seemed dry.
  • used just a shade less yeast.  I think I used about a third of a packet?
  • added about a tablespoon of coconut nectar (a sweetener with a low glycemic index) to the water since most bagel recipes call for molasses or honey in the boil.
  • boiled the bagels only about 30 seconds on each side.
  • after removing from the boil, I let them sit on the pan a little to dry off just enough to become sticky, and then dipped the tops into a plate of sesame or poppy seeds.

All in all, turned out to be a really nice, quick, manageable recipe, and in small batches, totally doable by one person in my teeny kitchen. :)