Tuesday, September 9, 2014

moka pot

I got a moka pot!  It's a (ridiculously cute) stove-top coffee maker, that reminds me of a camping percolator, and makes something fairly akin to espresso.  I love it!

Here's how I use it:  Fill the bottom compartment with water up to the indicator line.  Insert the filter middle compartment and put in two scoops of coffee.  You're supposed to fill it all the way up, but I don't need the equivalent of six shots in the morning, so I like mine diluted.  Then screw on the top compartment.  Place the moka pot on the stove on medium heat with the lid open. Stand by.  When the coffee starts bubbling out, close the lid and wait for a gurgling/hissing sound.  As soon as that starts, remove the pot from the heat.  Then just pour and enjoy!