Saturday, August 23, 2014

teavana travel tumbler

Darn it, Greg!  Last time I was in Teavana, he completely sold me on this travel mug thing.  Granted, I haven't had a travel mug in many months... I've been carrying my coffee and tea to class in a normal ceramic mug!  And while I've gotten really good at not spilling and not tripping as I walk across campus...sometimes when it's 12 degrees it's practically iced tea by the time I arrive!  Not cool.  And guys...this tumbler is the coolest.  Check it.

Okay, so you just push that middle button to open it, and you can drink out of any side!  Maybe it's just me who gets excited about that...  But seriously, this thing doesn't leak when it's closed.

See that little basket inside?  You put your tea leaves in there, and pour the water over it.  When it's done steeping, you just take the basket out and it fits into the upside-down cap!  (see below picture)

Let me tell you, as someone who just moved across the country to school again, this thing is so convenient.  You know, for when you're trying to unpack and you have no tea kettle and you're boiling your water in a saucepan and you can hardly find your head, much less your tea mugs... Life saver.

All right, that's all the posts on tea (for now)!  Are you a tea drinker?