Thursday, August 21, 2014

perfecTEA tutorial

All right!  As promised, here is a quick tutorial on how to use the PerfecTEA maker.  In the photo above, you can see I have this mug, which my awesome brother gave me for my birthday.  It has a Monty Python quote on it, so the levels of coolness are just through the roof.  In these pictures, I'm making a blooming peach tea, because I love how it looked, and peach is amazing.  

Step 1: Put the kettle on and measure our your tea.  Blooming tea comes in little balls tied up with marigold flowers, so it's single-serving.  Put the tea in the tea maker (duh).

Step 2: When your water reaches the desired temperature (it'll be different for different kinds of tea), pour it over the tea leaves.  Pop the lid down and let it steep for the desired time.

Step 3: Ooh and ahh over how cool looseleaf and blooming tea looks as it steeps.

Step 4: All right time's up!  This is the fun part.  Place the tea maker over a mug.  The rim of the mug will push up the bottom of the tea maker, and the tea will flow out!  Super cool!

Step 5: Add beet rock sugar if you want, and enjoy!

I also wanted to say--Teavana is totally not, like, sponsoring any of these posts, I'm just having a tea moment lately and I love their stuff.  It's probably because Greg who works there is so happy and a great salesperson, haha!  One more tea-themed post coming up this weekend to round out the series!