Monday, July 21, 2014

quick reviews: e.l.f. and babylips

Since I'm, you know, getting married in less than a month (no big deal), I've been picking up a few things here and there to test out for the big day.  This e.l.f. concealer-highlighter is one of those items.  I normally don't conceal my undereye area at all, surprisingly.  For one, nothing could really eliminate my dark circles other than sleeping for a week straight, and for two, I might even like the haggard look?  Like it makes me look more interesting?  Anyways.  I figured I should look into that, and I remembered seeing this duo recommended on +Refinery29.  I normally use more stick-based concealer, so I was excited to try a more liquid form.

I've been super impressed with this product for the price.  It sure as heck isn't erasing my dark circles completely, but with fair skin and dark blood vessels, it would take a miracle to accomplish that anyway.  I think it does a great job reflecting light and brightening the area, since it's formulated specifically for undereye.  I've used the highlighter on my browbone, the high points of my cheekbones, and the middle of my eyelids, and it's nice and subtle.  Overall, I recommend it!

And I've talked about the Maybelline Baby Lips before, but I picked up the shade/flavor Grape Vine and it's my new favorite.  It smells amazing!  I alternate between this one and Peach Kiss depending on the day.