Tuesday, June 17, 2014

floral light centerpiece

My mom gets all the credit for this one, guys!  She recently threw my brother a graduation party, and let me tell you, it was pretty mind-blowing.  This floating-flower centerpiece was my favorite decoration, so I thought I'd tell you how she did it!  The links in the instructions are my suggestions for similar items you'll need.

Step 1: Place glass marbles in the bottom of a square glass vase.
Step 2: Fill the vase with cold water (and the colder you keep it by adding ice, the longer your flowers will last) and add a large Gerber daisy or similar flower, cutting the stem short.
Step 3: In the last hour or so before the event, turn on your submersible LED lights, gently remove the flower, and push the lights down into the marbles.  Cover a with a few marbles to help defract the light, and replace the flower.

She had about five of these total around the house in larger and smaller vases.  Pretty cool, right?