Saturday, May 3, 2014

quick review: rosebud salve

Warning:  This review is super BIASED.....due to the fact that this tin is so dang cute.  Not gonna lie to you.

Okay, so Rosebud Salve is another thing I hear about often.  Let me just give you the quick run-down:

Good: Smell (of roses of course) is amazing!  Not slimy or weird, in fact very similar to Blistex Lip Medex minus the irritant menthol.  Pink!  Adorable!  A general joy to use!

Bad: In a tin, so like, have clean hands of course (or get this).  Petroleum base, so it's somewhat controversial. But I'll let you make your own decisions.  There's plenty of research out there about petroleum jelly and whether it's good for you, but honestly, as a lip balm, I don't have a problem with it.  There's worse stuff you could use.

(Also weird use confession: My eyelids are often really dry and irritated, and I use this on them.  It works perfectly.)