Tuesday, May 13, 2014

procrastination 101

So for me, it's finals week.  And we all know what that means!  Studying! Paper writing! Star Wars movie marathons!

Just kidding.

(Just kidding.  On that just kidding.)

Since I'm currently running around like a chicken with my head cut off working calmly, I figured I'd share my favorite TV shows with you guys.  In case you, too, need to procrastinate.  (Disclaimer:  I recommend these shows for my age group, so like college kids or something.  Sometimes there's sketch stuff.)

#1. Fringe:

I'm midway through the final season of this show and let. me. tell. you.  It has been stunning from start to finish.  I love it!  It follows the "Fringe division" of the FBI, so they deal with "fringe science."  So things like multiple universes, time travel, teleportation...all that fun stuff.  Granted, there are more than a few monsters and plenty of gross diseases and infections and stuff.  So it's not for squeamish folks.  But seriously--the characters are amazing, and the plot is fantastic, and basically everything is awesome.  (All seasons on Netflix)

#2. Castle:

This show follows a detective and her tagalong "partner" who's really a mystery-writer doing "research."  It's not quite on the same quality level as Fringe, and sometimes it's a little bit scripted, but the show is just so endearing.  It may or may not be totally due to Nathan Fillion...but it's adorable.  And brilliant.  And fun to watch.  My fiance and I watch episodes of this at the same time long-distance, so we text each other our guesses as to whodunnit and see who's right.

#3. Leverage:

About on the same quality-level as Castle, this show is following the general trend of my favorites--great character development, and not-entirely-foreseeable plotlines.  I've seen the entire show and I really enjoyed it.  There's always a twist, the team is easy to root for, and there's usually fun tech involved.  So...win win win?  (All seasons on Netflix)

What shows are you into right now?