Friday, May 30, 2014

oh man

The Glitch Mob's new album, though.  Give it a listen below!  Also, check this out.  I'm enthralled.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my favorite phone wallpapers

You'll never catch me with a default wallpaper on my phone!  I thought I'd post my favorite past and present wallpaper pictures in case any of you guys are looking for a fresh lock screen. 

Hawkeye eating his breakfast cereal always makes me smile.

Of course, Wolverine is always a good choice...

This is Shiloh and he's a punk! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

summer morning

I got three bugbites taking these pictures.  I just thought you should know.  It's a jungle out there.

Okay, it's the Midwest.  Details.

Some chewed up clematis.

The last lonely lilac...smells amazing!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

quick review: rimmel scandaleyes

My sister convinced me to go ahead and pick this up when we were at +Walmart and it was worth it!  The +Rimmel Scandaleyes formula is the perfect waterproof kohl kajal, so it's smudgeable but then doesn't go anywhere.  I have a problem with non-waterproof liners migrating throughout the day, so this is exactly what I needed.  Plus, we decided to shake things up with a different color--this one is Deep Blue.  It's less obvious in daily life than in the picture below, but adds a little interest upon closer inspection.  Highly recommend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Now that it's post-graduation, it's safe to share this with the internet!  (Due to the fact that it was a grad present for a certain individual who reads this blog.)

I got this cassette-shaped flash drive from Amazon.  Unfortunately, it looks like it's unavailable right now.  There are other options, but I wanted high quality and a good amount of storage space. I ended up with a pretty varied assortment of songs, hand-drew bubble letters on the cassette label...and ended up with a whole lot of nostalgia!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

stuff i wanna make #2

1. I want to make my own version of these magnets.  They look so fun!

2. I want to make some bath bombs since I really can't see myself spending money on pre-made ones from Lush...

3. I want to make my own toothpaste next time I run out.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

hey kids

Just sticking my head in the door today before I go rock my last final!  Then all that fun moving out stuff and cleaning galore...  I'm just gonna leave you with a few tips:

Make these but with peppermint tea and a drizzle of honey instead!

If you're moving out, too, check out my rule of fractions post from this time last year!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

procrastination 101

So for me, it's finals week.  And we all know what that means!  Studying! Paper writing! Star Wars movie marathons!

Just kidding.

(Just kidding.  On that just kidding.)

Since I'm currently running around like a chicken with my head cut off working calmly, I figured I'd share my favorite TV shows with you guys.  In case you, too, need to procrastinate.  (Disclaimer:  I recommend these shows for my age group, so like college kids or something.  Sometimes there's sketch stuff.)

#1. Fringe:

I'm midway through the final season of this show and let. me. tell. you.  It has been stunning from start to finish.  I love it!  It follows the "Fringe division" of the FBI, so they deal with "fringe science."  So things like multiple universes, time travel, teleportation...all that fun stuff.  Granted, there are more than a few monsters and plenty of gross diseases and infections and stuff.  So it's not for squeamish folks.  But seriously--the characters are amazing, and the plot is fantastic, and basically everything is awesome.  (All seasons on Netflix)

#2. Castle:

This show follows a detective and her tagalong "partner" who's really a mystery-writer doing "research."  It's not quite on the same quality level as Fringe, and sometimes it's a little bit scripted, but the show is just so endearing.  It may or may not be totally due to Nathan Fillion...but it's adorable.  And brilliant.  And fun to watch.  My fiance and I watch episodes of this at the same time long-distance, so we text each other our guesses as to whodunnit and see who's right.

#3. Leverage:

About on the same quality-level as Castle, this show is following the general trend of my favorites--great character development, and not-entirely-foreseeable plotlines.  I've seen the entire show and I really enjoyed it.  There's always a twist, the team is easy to root for, and there's usually fun tech involved. win win?  (All seasons on Netflix)

What shows are you into right now?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

how to survive finals

Step 1: Look at pictures of roses.  I recommend ordering free seed catalogs.  You're welcome.

Step 2: Listen to this amazing band composed of people I go to school with.

Step 3: Study and write papers.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

cold brew coffee

Hands down.  Number one.  Super mega favorite.

That's how I feel about cold brew coffee.  It seems smoother, richer, and less harsh than hot coffee.  Plus, when you're brewing hot coffee, it's easy to burn the heck out of your coffee by accident.  And surely I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like a steaming cup of Joe on a fine summer morning?

Plus all you need for this is a French press, and we all know how I feel about minimizing your kitchen appliances.  (Do we all know?  Well, you can guess.)

Here's how to make some wonderful cold-brew coffee for you!

Step 1:  Right before bed, put about 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds in the bottom of your French press.  You can adjust your amount to make stronger or weaker coffee, but I honestly eyeball it and it turns out great!  Now of course, this is all about the ratio, and will depend on the size of your press.  I use at least 3 tablespoons of grounds and about 16 oz. of cold filtered water.

Step 2:  Pour in the aforementioned cold filtered water.  I use my Britta pitcher.  I don't think it makes any difference, but I like to pour it around to really wet down all the grounds.  Of course, you could always just stir up the water-grounds mix after the fact...

Step 3:  Stick the lid on the French press but DO NOT PRESS THE PLUNGER DOWN.  Just leave it, dorkily standing up, on the counter over night.

Step 4:  In the morning, plunge it and it's ready!  I have a little system down:  I pour out about 12 oz, add in 3 coffee ice cubes, and use what's left in the press to make 3 new coffee ice cubes.  Then I pour in milk or a little creamer and mix it all up!

And just because I'm a fuss-budget: iced hot coffee =/= cold brew coffee!  This is know...brewed cold.  It's the best.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

quick review: rosebud salve

Warning:  This review is super BIASED.....due to the fact that this tin is so dang cute.  Not gonna lie to you.

Okay, so Rosebud Salve is another thing I hear about often.  Let me just give you the quick run-down:

Good: Smell (of roses of course) is amazing!  Not slimy or weird, in fact very similar to Blistex Lip Medex minus the irritant menthol.  Pink!  Adorable!  A general joy to use!

Bad: In a tin, so like, have clean hands of course (or get this).  Petroleum base, so it's somewhat controversial. But I'll let you make your own decisions.  There's plenty of research out there about petroleum jelly and whether it's good for you, but honestly, as a lip balm, I don't have a problem with it.  There's worse stuff you could use.

(Also weird use confession: My eyelids are often really dry and irritated, and I use this on them.  It works perfectly.)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

one week of oil pulling

Oil pulling is all the rage.  There's plenty of opinions out there on it, so I'll let you form your own, but I figured I'd try it out for a week and see how I liked it.

Day 1:  The oil is completely solid.  Mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter.  I only make it for 15 minutes.  It's really not as unpleasant after the first minute as the squeamish internet people say it is....  I spit it out and swish really quick with a little water.  My teeth feel clean, which is nice, but we'll have to wait and see if it has any other effects.

Day 2:  I wake up late so I'm in a rush and do the oil pulling while running around.  The distraction makes it a lot easier!  Again with the clean feeling, which lasts several hours.

Day 3: Full 20 minutes today.  I may be hallucinating, but...I think my teeth might actually be a little bit whiter!

Day 4: The yuck-factor is pretty much entirely gone now.  I'm like, "Whatevs! *swish swish swish*"  No problem!

Day 5: Yeah I actually really think my teeth look a tiny bit whiter.  Myth or no myth?  Probably more like personal experience.  So no guarantees for your results if you try oil pulling, but there is hope!

Day 6: Well, I can't lie, I'm glad the week is almost over...  20 minutes is a long time for a busy college kid in the mornings!  However, I think I might still oil pull from time to time, because it does make my teeth feel clean and my gums feel happy and might even do a little whitening!

Day 7:  I made it!  It's not really so bad, but like I's not blowing me away either.  This'll probably be a few-times-a-week habit.

Have you tried oil pulling?  What's your experience?