Friday, April 4, 2014

how i studied for the GRE

Here is a kitty picture because pets make studying better:

So I took the general GRE yesterday!  And I'm going to have to take a specific GRE for math as well...the things we do for grad school!  I don't know if any of you guys are gearing up for grad school apps, but if so, here's how I studied:
  1. Kaplan practice test.  A free one was offered at my school, so I walked in without studying or looking up any strategies.  I wanted to do a no-prep base trial to see how much time I would need to devote to preparing over the next semester.  I did pretty well, but for example, I found out I needed to brush up on some statistics formulas!  It also gave me an accurate sense of how testing day would actually go.  
  2. POWERPREP II.   This software lets you take two more practice tests.  These are again good for getting a real sense of the feel of it, especially the time limits.  The only problem is they don't tell you the correct answers, and you don't know what you got wrong, so I also took...
  3. this written practice test.  That let me pinpoint exactly what I missed and figure out my mistake.  Very handy, but not an accurate representation of your probable experience.
  4. These sample questions with explanations of the answers.  They help you get a sense of why the right answer IS the right answer.  Especially helpful for the Verbal section.
  5. Sparknotes tips on the essay writing.  My writing score won't matter too much to grad schools, since I'm going into math, but these tips are super helpful!
  6. Math Review for a basic review of the stuff that'll be on the Quantitative section. 
Now that I look at it, it seems like a lot!  It really didn't take me too long, though.  My scores turned out great, so there's that.... :) Good luck!