Saturday, March 1, 2014

new (and old) inspiration

Well, as you know, I took a long hiatus from the blogging world.  And I mean the whole blogging world.  It wasn't until January, I think, that I started reading them again.  I scaled down my follow list to select favorites and slowly got back into bloglovin'.

Psssshhhhhhh moderation is for the Ancient Greeks!  Here are a few blogs I've added to my growing follow list!

1.) BLEUBIRD.  Just discovered this blog before I came back to school.  I may or may not have haunted the archives for a full week.

2.) Seablanket.  Chelsea moved to a snazzy new website, so I had to update my list!

3.) Emmadime.  I just found this one a few minutes ago and it looks really promising!  I love good knitting and design.