Monday, July 1, 2013

murphy's laws for coffee drinkers

  1. If you drink coffee shortly before bedtime, it will keep you up all night.  If you drink it at any other time, however, it will have no effect.
  2. If you drink your coffee immediately, you will burn your tongue.  If you wait to drink your coffee, it will be cold.
  3. If you're talking to a real coffee snob, you will accidentally say "eXpresso," even though you know it's "espresso."
  4. If you like your coffee black, but someone else brings it to you, they will put cream and sugar in it.  If you do like cream and sugar, there will be none to be found.
  5. If you are extremely tired at an event and there is free coffee, it will be gone and/or transparent.
  6. If you are wearing a nice outfit or are on your way to an interview, you will spill your coffee on yourself.  At all other times, however, you will be the epitome of coordination.  
  7. If you are making coffee for a friend, your espresso will not pull properly or you will mis-measure the grinds. 
  8. If you have access to a french press, you will only have an extra-fine grind available. 
  9. If you order a coffee out, they will spell your name wrong on the cup.
  10. You will never spill your coffee except on the one day that you set it down too close to your computer or an important document or a library book.
Got any to add?  Leave me a comment!  The genius graphic above is from threadless