Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a short review + a mini diy

Maybe I should call this a fix-it-yourself instead of a do-it-yourself.  But yeah, let me explain what needed fixing.

I made the switch to iPhone a few months ago and I pretty much love it, in spite of a few annoyances.  As a phone, it's a great little balancing of features and quality and all in all, I'm a fan.  Probably for life.  We'll see.

I got the 4 for free, since the 5 was out, and I bought the OtterBox Commuter case, which I have no complaints about.  It's a great case with a slim profile and I drop my phone...a lot....  Since the Commuter doesn't come with the built-in screen that other OtterBoxes do, I got the Invisible Shield screen protector.  It's supposed to be all high-end and fantastical and whatnot, but I hated it.  Here's why:

Ew gross!  The hole for the home button collected all sorts of grime, which stuck to the underside and became a seriously annoying (and nasty) eyesore.  I put it up with it for awhile, but it's not cool.

Luckily, the screen protector came with a sheet for the back of the phone, too.  Who needs that if you have a case on it?  I took that, which I'd luckily saved, and trimmed it down to fit over just the actual iPhone screen.

Stuck in on there, and voila!  Protection just where I need it, and no more gunk.

Much better.  What kind of case or screen protection do you use for your phone?