Tuesday, June 4, 2013

review: sally hansen double-duty

Well, color me disappointed in this product.  For $4, I expected something a little more...well, functional.  I used it as a base coat and a top coat with my Sation nail lacquer, and it had a weird effect!  It seemed to wet down and loosen the grip of the Sation on my nail, so it literally could be pushed off of my fingernail, and it took forever for that to cure!  I thought the whole point of a topcoat is to cause shine, but this gave it a shriveled finish...  It did, however, stay on for quite awhile afterward.  It may also depend on the polish, since it's been working just fine with my Zoya Blu.  I just wish it was more consistent!

I also used it as a clear coat on plain nails for a bit of shine...but in contact with water as I was just doing dishes, it peeled right off in a clear layer!  Bummer.  I won't be buying this again.

Do you have a top coat and base coat that you like?