Tuesday, June 18, 2013

how to repair pressed powders + press loose pigments

If you recall from this post, sometimes compacts don't survive shipping in one piece!  This morning, I decided to tackle a mini repair job.  While I was at it, I wanted to try pressing a loose eyeshadow pigment, since it was just too messy for my liking in its original state.  Here's what you'll need: 

  • Rubbing Alcohol (70% Isopropyl)
  • Stuff to repair or press!
  • A separate container to mix in, if needed
  • A Q-tip
  • Cling wrap

First of all, if your product has broken into larger pieces, place some cling wrap over it and break up all the bits.

Add a few drops of alcohol, just enough to wet down the product so it will stick together.  I stirred with a Q-tip, but I should have pulled the cotton off the tip first.  It was all right for the blush, but I did have to remove the cotton to stir the eyeshadow.  

Dump the dampened product into the final container.  Try not to waste too much, though it is impossible to get all of it!

Lay down a barrier of cling wrap and press down the product.  I just used my fingers, but you could use the bottom of a container to create a smoother surface.

Now just let it dry out!  The alcohol will evaporate out, leaving you with a repaired pressed powder.  

I did the same thing with this Mica mineral eyeshadow.  The only difference was pulling the cotton off the Q-tip (which I recommend) and mixing it directly in its container.

I consider it a success since it is now significantly easier to work with!  What do you do with your broken pressed powders and loose pigments?