Friday, June 21, 2013

how to grow out a pixie cut - step two

Try the sleek minimalist look.

I like to wear my hair up and out and all over the place when it's really short, but once it starts growing out, I try to avoid the troll doll look.  I've been wearing it parted at the side with very little texture, all the while keeping the back trimmed up!  The nice thing is, my hair is super fine and straight, so it baaaasically wants to do this in the first place.  If your hair has a little more personality, you may need quite a bit more gel than I do!  I've been using TRESemme Ultra, which I got at Kroger when I was still in Tennessee.  I wouldn't say it's a fantastic product or anything, but it works for this. 

Cut-wise, I did have it trimmed up the back when I got home from school, in the last week of May or so.  My hairdresser "stacked" it up the back like you would if you had an A-line bob, which lets the top hair kind of "catch up" with the bottom hair.  And, thank goodness, avoids the mullet look.  Still going strong and not even craving a trim yet!  It's been 12 weeks total since I started growing it out from this length, with 2.5 trims in the back and nothing done otherwise.

A final (and optional) part of this look is to start tucking your wispy-sideburn-things behind your ears.  I prefer to keep them growing as long as possible without trimming to avoid any semblance of mulletness later.  It also helps the haircut start looking more like a bob and less like an awkward mess. 

If you're just joining me, see step one!