Wednesday, June 12, 2013

fingernail maintenance

Taking care of my nails has never really been a "thing" with me... My nails are naturally very strong and they grow quickly, but I've noticed that painting them often can cause a kind of "staining."  Lately, I've been trying to let them rest for awhile.   When it comes time to give your fingernails a break, here's the best way I know of to remove nail polish and take care of bidness.  No more going through cotton balls like crazy!  They last forever with this method!

First, unroll your cotton ball.  If you kind of pull it apart, you'll find an end and you can pull it out into one long strip.  Awesome, huh?

Tear off very small pieces from this strip, just big enough to cover each nail.  This is what makes one cotton ball last forever.  Pour your nail polish remover (mine has gelatin to strengthen nails) into the cap, and dip just the edge of a piece of cotton into it.  The liquid will climb up the cotton, so don't dunk it!  Plaster the cotton piece down on your nail, covering the whole thing.

Do this to all the fingers on one hand and let it sit for a minute.

Then just press down on the cotton as you wipe it off each nail, and it will take almost all of the polish off with it!  Rub off any that's left with the cotton piece and throw it out.  Repeat on the other hand.

Now, if you have gnarly cuticles like me, soak your hands in warm water to loosen them up, and gently push them back with a cuticle stick.  I got mine with a nail buffer from +Walgreens for $3.

Now make sure your hands are dry and buff your nails if you like.  I have some pretty crazy violin-bridge ridges in my nails, and I can't quite get rid of them in one go, but I like to shine them up with a buffer.

Finally, I use a moisturizing cream or pure coconut oil around the cuticles and on my hands to combat the harsh nail polish remover.  At the moment, I'm using up a container of Jason's Nourishing Cocoa Butter from my mom.  The scent is very sweet and it bothered me at first, but I've grown accustomed to it by now.

How do you take care of your nails?  Will you try this method to save cotton balls?