Friday, May 10, 2013

sugar-free ice coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice!  GIF-lovers, rejoice!  Coffee-and-GIF-lovers, y'all are really cool.

This is a quick how-to on making wonderful sugar-free ice coffee.  To prep, get or brew some really good, really bold, strong black coffee.  I got mine from my campus coffee shop yesterday afternoon.  Put that coffee in the fridge overnight.  It's important that the coffee is cooled, otherwise it'll just melt all your ice and get watered down.  Uncool.

In the morning, just mix cooled coffee, some ice cubes, a little milk (or non-dairy alternative of your choice), and Stevia.  That's the non-sugar part.  If you think of it beforehand, which I didn't, mix in your Stevia when the coffee is still hot, the night before, so it will dissolve easily.  Otherwise you'll be stirring like a maniac.  For  future reference.

As I said, stir like a maniac.  Enjoy!

How do you like your coffee?  Leave a comment and tell me if you try this out!