Thursday, May 2, 2013

on barefooting

I'm a barefooter, y'all.  Mom, look away!  All growing up, shoes were a must, and for good reason!  No kid wants to step on a bumble bee or a rusty nail when the roofers have come and gone... but I can't lie.  Any chance I got, off went the shoes.  I remember going to camp and trying to toughen up my soles by walking flat-footed down a gravel road.

Now, I know I look like a hippie again...but I promise I'm not doing it to be all, "Closer to Mother Earth!" or something!  Actually, I have a dorky reason for being a barefooter, and legit reason.

Dorky reason: I have big feet and I feel like a clown when I wear big ol' shoes.  Especially if I'm wearing skinny jeans or shorts, I feel like they stick out like sore...feet...  I find that, if I don't have a pair of smallish-looking shoes that match my clothes, I just go without.

Legit reason: I had bad feet.   My chiropractor once told me I have "Elmer Fudd feet."  Yeaaah.  I've had to wear inserts in my shoes to help my back and knees deal with my poor support.  I also had really bad circulation in my feet, and my toes would be perpetually purple and occasionally white and bloodless!  Yikes.  Well.  When I started barefooting, things changed, y'all.  I really think the human foot is made to flex and move when we walk, and that barefooting over different terrains stimulates blood flow.  My circulation has improved and I no longer have Reynaud's disease.  I also feel that my arches have improved and my feet don't hurt anymore.

So, take it with a grain of salt...but I'm going to keep on barefooting, even if it's all in my head.  Because, seriously, it's fun!