Thursday, May 16, 2013

kale noodle bowl - modified

It was love at first sight when I saw this recipe over on Sarah's blog.  I put avocados and kale back on my grocery list, and last week I finally tried it out--with a few modifications, because, like, I don't know what

So my version: no miso, add liquid aminos, a little salt, minced garlic instead of a garlic clove, brown rice noodles (gluten free!), and no sesame seeds, and I also massaged some grapeseed oil into the kale beforehand to make it more easily digested. If it's a little too kale-y for you, just add a bit more salt and refrigerate for a few hours.

Also, I did eat it with chopsticks, because I love chopsticks, but it took me a long time.  Slippery little buggers!  One batch will last me three or four meals.  I think I'll make this for the fam when I'm home over the summer.

What do you think of kale?