Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how to grow out a pixie cut - step one

I had a pixie cut when I got to college, but it's a bit much to maintain since my hair grows so fast.  My approach was to grow it out, and to make it easier, I had it permed.  So far, so good...but man, perms grow out weird.  So I got another one, and at that point, it didn't take and my hair was quite damaged feeling.  Sad face.  Sick of dealing with long hair, I chopped it off over Spring Break to the shortest it's been.

Well, it's pretty short.  And sometimes I miss having long hair.  And I think if I change my idea of what my hair should be, it might stop disappointing me.... At any rate, I don't prefer it quite as short as it was after that haircut, so I'm growing it a bit.  Change it always good, right?

There's very little online about how to grow out a least very little that I find appealing.  Now, looking dorky for a week or two somewhere along the line is probably unavoidable, but it shouldn't be this hard...

So, Step 1: Keep the back trimmed up.  That bottom layer of hair right on your neck grows so fast, and it looks so nasty!  Especially since my hair is fine and stick-straight naturally, it just does weird things when it gets longer.  You can get by for quite awhile just growing out all the rest of your hair if you keep the back of the neck trimmed up.  You might have to pay attention to your little wispy-side-hair things if you have them, cause they grow fast too.

I'm at over 7 weeks since my initial chop, and I've had a friend trim up the very bottom of the back twice since then.  My hair has grown about an inch, and it's still behaving as a long pixie.  So far, so good!  I'll keep you posted with tips and strategies as the process continues.