Friday, May 3, 2013

how to cure rosacea

Honesty time, DUN DUN DUNNNN.  I used to have rosacea.  "Used to have?" you ask. "Used to?  But rosacea is incurable!" 

Well, yes...and no.  Very much no. 

I can't promise that my rosacea will never flare up again.  Sometimes, if I use too harsh of a product or get a sunburn, it'll put out a few feelers.  However.  For all practical purposes, day to day, it is gone.  Gone like my internet connection.  Isn't university wifi the bee's knees؟ 

I'm still here.  I wish I had taken a color picture when my rosacea was at its worst so you could see I'm not pulling your leg.  But I think you can tell by the texture.  Rosacea causes redness, enlarged pores, inflammation and swelling, and then nastily sprouts tiny pus-filled bumps.  They're basically open and easily squeezed, but then you're dealing with the aftermath, and usually blood, which means scars.  Golly, this is getting graphic!

I'm not sure when my rosacea started, but I think it was around the time I tried using Proactiv for the first time.  All that benzoyl peroxide was too much for my sensitive skin, and I developed redness and irritation.  From then on, I had to deal with two scaly, bumpy, inflamed, red patches on either side of my nose.  Not fun!

Most people will tell you that you can't do anything about it once it starts.  That you just have to always stay out of the sun, eat perfectly healthily, don't wear make-up or use products.  But honestly, who's going to walk around with red patches on their face?  Not me!  I used concealer, which made it angry, which I then concealed, and--well, it became a vicious cycle. 

It's curable.  Here is how I beat mine.  This is also an honest picture, and as you can see, I'm clear.

Lavender  I use Young Living essential oils, because I know they're the real deal.  Other (cheaper) essential oils don't really distil all of the goodness out of the essence of the plants.  Go the extra mile.  I can't promise results with anything less. 

Eucerin.  Get a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free moisturizer specifically for sensitive skin.  You really can't cut corners on this either.  A Cetaphil might work as well.  A little SPF might be a good idea as well.

Instant Oats.  When my skin seems extra sensitive, I wash my face with a handful of instant rolled oats.  Just saturate them in the shower until they're soft, and us them as a scrub.  They won't irritate like most exfoliants, and they have natural anti-inflammatory properties that make them perfect for healing. 

When I first began addressing my rosacea, I followed a nightly routine.  I didn't put any cleanser or product of any sort on my affected areas.  I put a drop of Lavender into my palm, mixed it with a pea-size amount of moisturizer, and applied it thickly over the patches.  I didn't really rub it in, even, because the less you touch your rosacea, the faster it'll heal.  After maybe three months of this every night, I was cured.  After that, I was able to wash my face with instant oats, including the former rosacea patches.

I've been called a witch-doctor before, but honestly, if someone tells you that something is incurable, and then you go ahead and cure it anyway...don't call names!  Just be happy for me.

Do you suffer from rosacea?  Try this routine and let me know if it works for you!