Friday, May 24, 2013

homemade iced latte

One morning, I ordered an iced latte at the university coffee shop.  As I stood there watching the barista put it together, I was like, "I'm paying $3 for this? I could make it in my sleep...."  Granted, their espresso machine is just a liiiittle bit higher-end than mine, haha!  But here's how to make your own ice latte, perfect for a hot summer day!

Prepare your coffee grounds and tamp them down with whatever you use to tamp.  My machine has an attachment, but my dad actually uses the bottom of an ibuprofen bottle!  Draw cutesy faces on your pictures.  Just kidding, you can skip that step. 

Pull your espresso.  If you don't really know how to do your manual...just kidding!  Usually, you just turn on the machine and let it run for no more than thirty seconds.  

Combine the shot with a cup or so of cold milk (preferably whole, and not some skim-impostor) and little bit of Stevia for a sugar-free sweetener.  Add a few ice cubes and a crazy straw, if you have one.  Enjoy!