Friday, May 24, 2013

here's to a trekkie weekend!

This week I watched both Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness...and...I may just find myself attached to yet another nerdy fandom.  See below for your weekend science fiction links!

If you haven't yet, watch the trailer here and then get thee to a nunnery theatre! (Oh, too nerdy to take, Shakespeare and Star Trek?)

Want the Starfleet class ring above?  Yeah, me too.

I might need to put a few of these into my wallpaper rotation! (Science officer, obviously...)

If Star Trek is not quite your thing, these are pretty nifty too!

This news is a few months old, but it amuses me.  Does anyone know if a final decision has been made?

Memory-Alpha appears to have the equivalent of the Star Wars Wookieepedia, which incidentally has also eaten a portion of my life.

I identified strongly with Spock, so I found this clip with Leonard Nimoy very interesting!

Besides, I've always been able to do the Vulcan handsign because, like, nerdfighteria!

Picture from here