Thursday, May 23, 2013

free pattern: reusable cotton rounds

Let's say you use a cotton ball or disposable cotton round to remove your make-up and apply toner every night.  A little bit of math tells us...

(2 cotton balls)(365 nights)(70 years) = 51,100 cotton balls in your lifetime!  
(1 cotton ball per square inch)(51,100 cotton balls) = 355 square feet.  I could carpet my dorm in the cotton balls I would be using!

And that's a conservative estimate.  Non-organic cotton balls can have all kinds of garbage in them as well, and that sits around in landfills for a long time.  Organic cotton balls can get expensive for something you use once and toss in the trash.  

I've been knitting up washcloths and dishcloths out of 100% cotton yarn for years.  The Peaches & Cream brand is inexpensive, and after a few washes, turns into a wonderfully soft and squishy knit.  This inspired me to crochet up some double-thick rounds to use instead of disposable cotton balls.  I have seven, since I use one per night.  When it comes time to do laundry, just stick a large safety pin through all of them and throw them in with your other towels and rags.  Easy, earth-friendly, and economical!

Want to make some of your own?  See the pattern below!

Use a size K crochet hook and 100% cotton yarn. For all sc, only work sc in the back loop of the stitch. 

Chain one stitch using the magic adjustable ring.  Ch 1 again, then sc 6 in the magic ring.  Join the round with a slip stitch through the first stitch created.
Ch 1, sc in same space, sc2 in each stitch around, join round as before.
Ch 1, sc in same space, *sc1, sc2 in same space* around, join as before.
Cut and finish off; this makes one layer.

Repeat these steps to make another round, but don't finish it off.  After joining the last round, put your hook through a stitch on the other round and use a slip stitch to join them together.  Lay them flat over each other and sc around, going through each stitch on both rounds at the same time.  This attaches them together with a clean end.  Finish off and weave ends into the middle of the round.