Wednesday, May 8, 2013

diy: custom earrings with nail polish

I'm a fan of earrings.  Especially when I've got very little hair to cover them up.  I'd love to have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, but let's face it--they can get expensive!  Plus, it's hard to find exactly what I want.

Here is my simple solution:  I bought a large card from WalMart full of boring earrings of various sizes.  I've had nail polish on the mind, so one day I decided to paint myself some custom posts!

Don't laugh--I stick the earrings in bubblegum to make them stand up straight. 

It's as simple as painting carefully and letting them dry!  As an added bonus, if your ears are sensitive to cheap metal, the nail polish will help keep it out of contact with your skin!  You can re-paint them whenever you get tired of their current color as well. 

Do you use nail polish for unconventional things?  Let me know if you try out this diy!