Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a guide to supercheap nail polishes

This picture is true-to-life, with no editing so as to give you accurate representations of the colors.  Just so you know.

I don't spend money on unnecessary things very often.  I also used to hate nail polishes.  For one thing, I'm a musician, so any nail type thing doesn't last very long on me, and I keep my nails pretty dang short.  That said, lately I've found myself really enjoying a little color now and then.  I only buy the supercheap nail polishes from like Walmart and the dollar store, but I've found that not all formulas are created equal.  So here's my opinion, from left to right:

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 340 Black Platinum: I know, I know, I promise I'm not goth.  I just bought this when I needed to feel tougher over the summer.  I was cross-training in a steel shop at the time, and the only girl, and I needed a little something edgier than usual. I like this polish.  It has the tiniest shimmer to it, which I wish it didn't, but all in all, Sally Hansen is my favorite cheap nail polish brand.

Milani Nail Lacquer NEON in 508 Pink Rocks!: This one is super sheer, and goes on a hot pink.  The bottle recommends putting it over a white base coat, which I haven't tried yet.  I just use multiple coats, but I don't wear this very often.  And I can't guarantee it's cheap, because it was a gift.

Pure ICE in Twinkle:  I want to like this one, because the orange-coral color is so great!  It's also very shimmery, but honestly, the formula quality is awful.  It's super sticky to apply, never ever goes on smoothly, dries and gets gummy immediately, and chips off quite quickly.  Bummer.  Skip this supercheap brand.

Sation Nail Lacquer in Of Corset I'll Call You:  This is the most expensive one I have, but I got it in my ipsy bag.  And I really like this one.  Not very opaque, because it's such a light color, but such a great color, and the formula lasts a long time without chipping.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in 370 No Hard Feelings:  I love this color, and recommend it for fair-skinned kids like me.  Love the formula again, bravo Sally.

ColorMates in Little Blue Box: I got this from the dollar store, and the formula is as expected--not great, peels off, and takes several coats to be opaque.  However, it's my favorite color out of all of them.

L.A. Colors Color Craze in 564: Also a dollar store purchase.  I like it a little less than the ColorMates, but it is darker so it's a little more opaque.  At least it doesn't peel off after a day!

There you have it: my modest and super not-fancy collection!  Do you spend money on your nail polishes or are you like me--willing to deal with just about anything, as long as the color is nice.