Monday, May 20, 2013

a guide to lip balms

The best lip balm I know is 8 glasses of water per day, taken internally.  But in the event (aka, real life) of dehydration, I turn to various lip balms or chapsticks to get the job done.  Here's my quick guide/review!

I love this stuff.  I'll probably buy it again when it runs out.  It does that Blistex thing where it feels cold after you put it on?  Yeah, that's awesome.  However, the first few times I used it, I think it actually dried out the top layer of skin on my lips.  I haven't noticed this since, but I will admit I have to reapply periodically throughout the day.  Which doesn't bother me, except for the fact that this is in a tub and my fingers might be germy when I'm out and about on campus.  I haven't tried it in a stick yet, and I probably won't because I find the stick form to be generally less effective.  Purchased at Walgreens for about a buck thirty, I believe.

I believe my mom gave me this a loooong time ago, and I haven't used too much.  In fact, I may never get through it, because despite smelling a-freakin'-mazing, it really doesn't do anything for me.  The little tub is glass and tin however, which is super classy, and natural ingredients are a plus.  I won't replace it when (if) it (ever) runs out.  Especially since Burt's Bees is so expensive, I find.

Left to right!  Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice is probably really super protective, but I've not used it much because it goes on white!  Like seriously, you look like a zombie with purple-pale lips and it really doesn't rub in, but rather sits on top of the skin really awkwardly.  I could see using a small amount of this if you were going to wear some kind of color over it, but definitely do not try to use this by itself!

Young Living chapsticks are very soft, in my experience, and melt easily if you leave them in a car or a pocket on a hot day.  I'm not a fan of the scent/flavor of this CinnaMint one, but they do really moisturize well.  I believe I had a Lavender one that I loved, once upon a time.  Caution: these are expensive!

Good old ChapStick--I bought this in a gas station on a road trip when I was desperate, and frankly, I think $2 is steep for something so basic.  It does its job, but requires frequent reapplication.  The classic ChapStick smell doesn't do much for me either.

Picture from here because I ended up losing this one somewhere!  This was one of my absolute favorites.  It smells amazing, lasts for a long time, and is liquidy enough but comes in a tube so you don't have to use germy fingers!  I got this at the dollar store, which is pretty good in my opinion.

eos in Sweet Mint, purchased at Walgreens for a little over $3.  This one definitely takes the cake on packaging!  It's a great flavor, but the formula is very solid and thick so as to hold its shape, which bugs me a little bit.  I won't buy it again because it is rather expensive for not being miraculous...

Anyways, that's my take!  Do you have a favorite?