Monday, April 29, 2013

tornado bag

Well, Saturday night I was nearly eaten by a tornado!  Not really, the storm ended up going around us, and I'm not even sure a tornado ever touched down anywhere...but...  I live in a college dorm, and our RA came round and sent us downstairs when the sirens started going off.  Only one of my roommates was home with me, and we kind of stood around for a few minutes, like, "Are you ready?"  "Yeah, are you ready?"  "Should I put on real pants?"  (We did.)

So as a little thought-provoker, what would you pack up if you had to take shelter from a tornado?  This is not a what-are-your-most-precious-possessions post, because frankly, things like my camera and guitar would not serve me all that well if I found myself without all possessions suddenly....  Here's what I threw into a bag on my way to shelter!

As you can see, I took what came to hand in a rush.  I grabbed a large baggie of slivered almonds, since I didn't have anything like granola bars or other high-protein portable foods.  I didn't want us to get stuck, possibly barricaded in a bathroom, without some kind of sustenance!  I also brought my water bottle (more like water bucket!) and an extra giant Army hoodie.

I wore hiking boots and packed my wallet and room key, as well as an iPhone charger and my phone.

I didn't have time to think through a change of clothes, but I did pack deodorant and Blistex!  I just bought this Medex pot and I'm addicted to it.  The backpack itself was a gift from my mom, and she got it in Mexico on vacation.

The last thing I snatched up on my way out was this P.G. Wodehouse book, which a friend is lending to me. I knew if I ended up stuck in a bathroom for hours, this would be the best way to keep up my spirits!  Funniest British writer ever, hands down!

What would you take with you in a weather emergency?  Thankfully, we were let out a little while later with no harm done, but what would you prepare in case the worst happened?