Friday, April 12, 2013

here's to a sunny weekend!

A few links to tide you over till Monday...

This thought-provoking video is taking my circles of YouTube by storm.  Almost as thought-provoking are the clueless people in the comments...

Just came across this shop and though I never carry a purse, it could change my mind.  I'd look like a bounty hunter.  Of course, I would need to actually be a bounty hunter to afford one!

Watched this movie this week.  Definitely not a family flick, but something truly beautiful and heart-wrenching and unsettling.  It really got it.

I'm stuck trying to brew a Swelling potion on Pottermore!  Just call me a Muggle (sad face).

I've really been enjoying this manga if you're looking for something to read.  The end of the world has never been so prettily depicted!

This blog's archives is where I spend my free time lately.

And now, I'm off to rest up, do some homework, cleaning, and maybe a little yoga.