Friday, April 26, 2013

here's to a quiet weekend!

I've got this on my crochet hook at the moment. 

My latest blogger crush is essie-button.  At first I was like, eh?  And then I was like, her accent!  And we have so much in common.  Scrolling through those archives in my spare time. 

I'm a fan of this little comic.  Just miles of cuteness.

Crashcourse is my go-to CLEP prep.  Did you say +John Green?  Sign me up!

This is basically the best thing ever.  Star Wars nerd + engineering student = love this.

Super excited for this movie!

Gearing up to get a lot done this weekend--I hope!  It's crunch time, y'all.  I'm so over school already....  Enjoy these links and I'll see you on Monday!