Friday, April 26, 2013

free pattern: cable knit headband

It's windy here in west Tennessee in the winter...and spring...and summer...and well, all year round I guess.  When it's cold out, and you haven't got the home-grown-scarf-and-earmuffs that long-haired girls have, you need a little extra help!  I knitted up a speedy headband just before the weather warmed up, because I just have great timing.  At least I'll be warm next winter!

Gauge: 3 st to 1 in.  I used size 6 DPNs and bulky-weight Lionbrand Homespun

CO 12 st onto one DPN.
Row 1: K across. 
Row 2 (and all even rows): K3, P6, K3.
Row 3: K across.
Row 5: K across; now you have 3 "ridges" on the edges and it's time to work the cable.
Row 7: K3, place next 3 st onto another DPN and let it hang in front of your work, K next 3, then K the 3 on the hanging DPN.  K3.
Repeat Rows 2-7 until the strip is long enough to stretch around your head snugly.  Bind off, leaving a long yarn tail, and use that to stitch the ends together, creating the headband!

Let me know if you try out this pattern.  If you have any difficulty, simply leave a comment and I'll help you out!