Friday, April 19, 2013

diy: woven cord bracelets

I got obsessed with these bracelets this semester.  I like to bring things into class to work on while listening to professors.  I got some funny looks the first few times, but...if I wasn't knitting/knotting/crocheting, I would be doodling...and that would mean no part of my brain was listening!  Keeping my hands busy helps me focus, I've found.

This is the perfect small, portable project that you can put down and pick up again at any point.  See the instructions below!

First, pick out your colors.  I've done anywhere from two to seven different colors in one bracelet.  If you're stumped, check out yesterday's post on color inspiration from Paris!  You'll also need to make a cardboard circle loom.  All you need to do is cut out a circle about three or four inches in diameter, poke a hole through the middle, and snip eight slits into the edge. 

Measure out your embroidery floss into seven 24-inch pieces.  If you want to have a continuous stripe of any one color, you'll need to make at least three pieces of it.  For this bracelet, I used one string each of blue, pink, light green, and dark green, and then added three strings of off-white.  The important thing is to have seven total.

Align all your strings and tie them together at one end with a knot, leaving a tail of about three inches.  Poke the knot through the hole in the cardboard circle and tape down the short tail to hold it in place. 

Flip over the circle and arrange the strings by sliding them into the slits around the edge.

Here is the pattern that you'll repeat over and over to weave the cord: Turn the circle so the open spot is facing you.  Take the third string to the left, slide it out, and cross it down, sliding it into the open spot.  Turn the circle again so the new open spot is facing you, and repeat.

After a bit, you can untape the short end from the other side and let it hang free.

Continue weaving the cord until you reach about four inches from the ends of the strings.  Release them from the cardboard and tie them together in a knot again.  The finished bracelet will be long enough to wrap around your write twice and then knot.  The cord has a bit of stretch to it as well.

Make a wristful of color combinations!  Give some away!  Let me know in the comments if you try this diy. What color combinations are your favorite?